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Review: Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day - David Levithan
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Every day by David Levithan tells the story of "A". "A" is a spirit and it has no knowledge of its origin or history.  Each day "A" wakes up in a different body, every day is a different person who is of the same age group as "A". For "A" gender is not a problem because "A" believes in individualism. "A" tries to spend the day without inferring into the life of its host. 
But one girl changed everything. One day "A" wakes up in a body of a boy named Justin. Everything goes fine until he meets Justin's girlfriend Rhiannon. Since, then "A" got spell bound by Rhiannon. "A" breaks all the rules he has lived for. Day by day "A" falls more for Rhiannon. Eventually, "A" started stalking her and there comes a time when "A" cannot bear anymore and tells her the truth about himself. 
I was highly anticipated to read this book. I've heard so much praise for it. But, it doesn't lived up to my expectation. I was a bit disappointed while reading it. The plot was missing something. Even, Levithan himself said that this book came out of nowhere.

I liked it, but not loved it. It is a good book which highlights the importance of individualism. It emphasizes that gender/race or color is not important. What lies within one's heart and soul should be cherished. I must say this book made me realize that we humans are nothing without memories. They shape our beliefs, character and every aspect of our lives.

Source: http://letmebefictional.blogspot.com/2015/07/book-review-every-day-by-david-levithan.html