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Review: Soul Survivor (Hybrid Chronicles #1)

Soul Survivor  - Michelle  Nicole

 Title : Soul Survivor

Author : Michelle Nicole
Series : The Hybrid Chronicles #1
Age Group : YA
Genre : Paranormal, Romance
Published : June 14th 2013
Publisher : Files Publishing
Soul Survivor (Hybrid Chronicles, #1)






Soul Survivor by Michelle Nicole

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Hailee thinks she is just a simple country girl. She kept her life simple just surrounded by her family best brotherly cousin Craig. She never had friends and don't have social circles. She came to city to graduate, but she was not sure what her purpose is?

     After coming to city, she kept on dreaming of the place and got strange feelings that something is waiting for her there. So, she started to visit that small town searching for some clue. Until one day she got late and it was seven in the evening now, wandering in a new place is not a good idea.
   Hecklers got near her to trap, but in a moment a soft voice and a hand on her shoulder startled her. She turned around and saw the most sincere pair of blue eyes met a guy named Alex in the darkness of night. They eventually became fast friends or maybe even more than friends. Things started to change in Hailee's life in a way she never expected. After the accident in the university, the truth about her starts to unravel. She later found that Alex belongs to someone else. Hailee felt heartbroken and betrayed. Everything gets complicated as Amitel came back into Alex's life. Amitel told her the truth about Alex identity and purpose and she also told Hailee that she is special. Hailee kept on wondering that what makes her so important. The odd events happening around helped her to find her abilities, but she is not yet sure what she actually is? Until she met the Darkness. There is some strange kind of connection between the Darkness and Hailee and she always felt that. After meeting him, she has dreamed about him every day which ends up as a nightmare.
      As he brushed his lips across my forehead, he whispered sincerely, “I’m sorry, beautiful.” I trembled. He called me beautiful. Unexpectedly, the blade of his dagger pierced through my back, my skin cooled as my blood flowed freely from the wound. With my soul now uncaged, I knew there was nothing more I wanted than to be with him, to die in his arms. He was murdering me and yet I was completely unafraid.......... I could no longer fight death as it pulled my soul away from my body. I let it take me as the waves inched farther and farther up my body, finally filling my nose with its salty burn.
Strange incident brought Light aka Alex, Amitel and Darkness aka Seth at Hailee's residence to help her or to assassinate her. Hailee is the last one of her kind, the ultimate and her soul mate is some she least expected to be. Her heart follows the Darkness where her mind follows the Light. She has to choose one because the world's fate lies in her hands. If she chooses the Light, the Darkness had to die and vice versa. She cares for both and she can't afford to lose anyone. Hailee must find a solution or a loophole before her birthday comes and there is not enough time to think about the options. No matter whom she chooses, someone has to die!




      Entering into the world of Angels would make it hard for you to choose between the Light and Dark.  This book would surprise you with the comfort of the LIGHT and would take your breath away with the alluring of the DARKNESS.

My Thoughts


  I got an e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review. As the book started, the first few pages were quite predictable to me. Nicole kept on explaining utterly handsome looks of Alex and I knew something is off here, he is not just human. But after few pages the "Soul Survivor" caught me off guard! It kept on surprising me until the end and I kept on indulging in more and more. At the end of the book, it seemed liked I would have to carry the weight of the sad ending with me, but it filled my heart with warmth. The plot is very well written. You'll enjoy it, especially the fans of Angels and myths. ;)
Looking forward to read the next novel of "THE HYBRID CHRONICLES"