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A Princess of Mars

Title : A Princess of Mars
Author : Edgar Rice Burroughs
Series : Barsoom #1
Publisher : A. C. McClurg
Source : Ebook
Ratings : 2.5 out of 5 stars
    1866 Arizona, Confederate officer John Carter, Gentleman of Virginia, forever aged 30, wakes naked on Mars. Low gravity increases his speed and strength exponentially, so he impresses green alien Thark captors with fighting, wins high rank. He frees Dejah Thoris, Princess of red men in Helium, only to lose her to the Prince of opposing red Zodanga.



      Former Confederate soldier John Carter is trapped in an Arizona cave and then wakes upon Mars, known to the natives as "Barsoom". Because his body is built for Earth's gravity, he has tremendous strength on Mars and can leap great distances with little effort.

     He quickly wins the respect of Tars Tarkas, the ferocious leader of the six-limbed, green Martian Tharks. But when the Tharks capture the beautiful humanoid princess Dejah Thoris, Carter almost immediately falls in love with her and begins plotting their escape.

    With the help of Dejah Thoris, the princess of another clan on Mars, John Carter fights for their freedom and love and to save the entire planet from destruction as the oxygen providing Atmosphere Factory slowly grinds to a halt.

      A Princess Of Mars is a product of another age, an adventure written to entertain an unsophisticated readership. Scientifically impossible and often soddenly narrated, it is too old-fashioned. But the book has been hugely influential, displays a good-natured innocence and certainly doesn't lack for action.

  • I like the way Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote about the following things:
  • The way a writer portrayed the value of feelings and emotions in life and how love and kindness conquers all.
  • The faithfulness of animals no matter on whichever planet they are whether its Mars or Earth. I liked Woola (the loyal friend & dog of John Carter)
The ending of the book was good. Few things left me to wonder that:
  • Is Dejah Thoris still alive?
  • Will John Carter find some way back to Mars or not?
  • Is there still any sign of life left on mars after the breakdown of atmosphere plant?
  • All experience of John Carter on mars was just his imagination or real?
Maybe I'll read the next novel to find out that what happen's next? But I would really wish the next movie would come out so I don't have to read it. :P
Neither do I like it nor do I dislike it. So, it's a 50/50 thing.
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